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Tips for equipment

Your skates are your working tools on the ice. A proper fitting and a well sharpened pair of skates can be the key to success on the ice!

Do not buy skates with too much growing room. This can cause wobbly ankles, tripping over toe picks, and breaking down of the boot. If the toe touches the end of an unlaced skate, you should have only a finger width at the back of the heel.

Correct skate sharpening is essential to enhancing performance. Wear skate guards when walking to and from the ice surface to protect the blades. Remember to take your guards off when you get on the ice. After skating wipe your blades dry and put on soft covers for storage protection. Never store your skates with the guards on. This can cause rust.

Canskate session skaters must wear a CSA approved helmet. No bike helmets permitted. Gloves are required to protect the hands. Clothing must be warm and comfortable but not baggy. Loose scarves are not permitted.